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Mac’s classic cinnamon rolls are always available to order for pick up or delivery!

Mac's Story

The Quest for the Perfect Roll: Mac’s Story

When Mac was a young boy, he learned to bake from his dad, who was also known as Mac the Baker, at their family bakery. Their bakery made home-made wholesome breads from scratch with wholesome ingredients like honey and fresh milled grain. Making quality, wholesome baked goods was a family affair.


Mac and his family always used to enjoy the cinnamon rolls they could get at the mall, and eventually, Mac hypothesized that he could create an even better cinnamon roll. Over the years, Mac tested out dozens of recipes, working to craft the perfect cinnamon roll, which to him meant a balance of soft and gooey, but not too chewy, with the perfect icing glaze.


As he shared his cinnamon rolls with friends and family through the years, Mac’s perfected recipe became a community favorite. Mac’s rolls have been featured at local restaurants and coffee shops, craft shows, farmers markets, and other community festivals for years.


Mac has gone above and beyond the original cinnamon roll flavor with the creation of pie rolls. He was inspired to make a festive thanksgiving roll that captured the essence of pumpkin pie. After looking at many recipes, Mac realized the only way to do it was to take a real pumpkin pie and squish it into the cinnamon roll dough before rolling them up. Eventually, there was a demand for other pie flavors, like blueberry, salted caramel apple and many more – and for these specialty rolls, Mac crumbles up the crust as well as the pie filling into the cinnamon rolls.


Our Traditional Cinnamon Roll is our best seller. We spent over 16 years to make sure it was perfected.

Made with toasted pecans and homemade caramel sauce.

Our Happy Customers

"Best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had! Not to mention, they hand-delivered them the night before Christmas eve to make sure our family had them for Christmas. 10/10 would recommend."
Kate P.
December 20, 2021
"These are my favorite cinnamon rolls! I try to get some anytime I see that Macs is at an event!! They are pure perfection."
Johni B.
August 21, 2021
"Got them for the first time at Bentonville Farmers Market today - quite possibly the BEST cinnamon rolls we’ve ever had!!! Please keep coming back to Bentonville!!"
Jane M.
April 17, 2021

The flavor of the Month

Each month, Mac features one of his specialty rolls as the Flavor of the Month!

This month’s flavor is: 

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